Party Dress

Release Year: 2007

*This album is no longer in print and only available as a digital download.*

Tracked over a whiskey-fueled weekend at Silvermine Studios in Marshall, NC, Party Dress was originally intended to be a demo. Pierce Edens and The Dirty Work were in their early stages of becoming a band and were in need of a recording in order to book live shows.

After listening back to the tracks, the band realized they were genuinely proud of the essence captured in their “demo.” This led to Party Dress becoming the official debut album release for Pierce Edens and The Dirty Work.

Track Listings

  1. Baby Doll
  2. Pretty
  3. Holiday
  4. Things Are Looking Up
  5. Creeping Vines
  6. Heaven
  7. Jailhouse
  8. Momma
  9. Let It Rain
  10. Spirits
  11. Mischief

Album Credits

  • Pierce Edens: vocals, guitars, percussion
  • David Mack: drums, percussion
  • Matt Smith: lap and pedal steel, lead guitar
  • Michael Olivier: bass, percussion
  • Adam Johnson: Producer and Engineer