The Moon, she hangs like a bloody hangnail
On a fist up above the earth
I heard it coming with the rocks, they were rambling
I picked my head up out of the dirt
It’s time to get up and run from the reckoning coming
An ill-wind blowing toward my home
And I will greet it on my front porch.
I will see it, then I’ll be singing

I’m still here

Remember that time when we went all in?
We were happy to let those dice roll
All those cool mountain pools that we dove into
They just blinked then they let us go
And we were left adrift just blissfully ignorant
of all the trouble that we’d set up for ourselves
All the plans we made
the people we changed
and the dreams we left for dead

I’m still here

So hike up your skirt
Roll up your sleeves
Wade out into the muck with me
‘Cause there’s a horizon I’ve been fighting
and a notion I’ve been rolling
over and over in my head
Says if you ain’t willing, darling
If you ain’t still trying
If you ain’t still dreaming we’re already dead

I’m still here.