Lovely Bones

Went walking on the railway by the river
I didn’t have no where to. I was just hoping to see the trains
And I walked all day long, never saw nothing
‘Cause they ain’t running today and I’m just running away
“Cause I don’t wanna go home ‘cause I don’t wanna be alone anymore

Cooking for two again out of habit
I even got so far as to down that extra plate
And I lost my appetite when that happened
And I just put it all away ‘cause it all tastes the same
As it did yesterday and every other day since you went away, honey

I was up all night just tossin’ and a-turnin’
I had a head full of you. Couldn’t seem to find my pillow
I had arms full of nothing except for the yearnin’
‘Cause it feels so wrong to be so alone
So, honey won’t you? Won’t you? Won’t you come on over, won’t you honey?
Come over. Won’t you lay your body down?
Come over, won’t you darling?
Won’t you lay your lovely bones down in these empty arms?
We can mend these tender hearts if you wanna
If you wanna, honey, come on

Oooh, honey
Oooh, honey
Oooh, won’t you come over?
Honey, come over