The Only Ones

He was a lost and lonely boy out looking for someone to tell his lies to
Hoping that for once someone would call him on ‘em all
And ask him for the truth.

And she had been out wandering in the cracks between the days
And years were piling up and writing lines on her face
And she was reasonably pleased with those streaks of gray

And she could see right through me
Right through me

‘Cause it’s easier feeling sad than it is feeling satisfied
When your head and your heart are put together like mine are
It’s easy to fold into myself, man, I can show you the scars

But she’s got me feeling wound up and reckless enough
To unclench this throat, let loose of this tongue
And fly those most dangerous words like “love”

‘Cause she could be the only one
The only one

So give me all your lies and I’ll tell you my secrets
And if you can keep up I will take you where I keep them
And we’ll shine a light in these darkest of caverns of mine

Give me all your words and I promise I’d take it
Disarm your defenses and stand with you naked
And we’ll light a torch in these darkest of caverns of yours

‘Cause we could be the only ones
The only ones
The only ones
The only ones