Honey baby crying on wedding days. Sitting outside alone and sipping on whiskey.
And wedding makeup rolling down her face. And a lost appetite from a stale wedding cake.
A means to an end, but the end it already came.
Lord, it came as soon as the wedding bells rang.
Lord, life is too long to live that way. It’s hard enough to deal with those loving pains
And to try to love somebody when the love is gone
A year’s too short and a day too long.
This ain’t no white wedding. It’s a pale shade of gray.
That’s what you get from sipping on that flat, that flat champagne.

Honey baby, take off that wedding gown. No it never suited you anyhow.
You can see the truth if you look around.
You ain’t got to settle for settling down.
You’ll never heal unless you feel some pain.
And you never will unless you let it sting
Lord, don’t make no handcuff out of that wedding ring.
And don’t go around here sipping on that flat, that flat champagne.

Don’t you give me no woman can’t stand in the rain.
Shiver through the winter then flower in the spring.
I don’t want her in the summer if she can’t stand the storm
I don’t want her in the autumn if she can’t hang on.
She can have soft skin if she’s got some real hard bones.
Ain’t no good for standing with if she can’t stand alone.
I don’t ask so much, just the best she’s got
Give it like coffee bitter strong and hot.
Sweet strong and bitter, bitter, strong and sweet
I don’t want her if she don’t want the same thing as me.
No, mama don’t allow. Papa don’t tolerate.
Don’t you give me no woman who’ll take on that flat, that flat champagne.