She was a beautiful dream just as bright as the moon, distant as a star and as blue
She was warm to the touch, but man, she was cool.
So I took that one step forward, she took one step back.
I took one to the side and she turned.
She was always smiling, she was always hiding
I never saw what she held behind her.

Lord, she could smell as sweet as a honeysuckle vine
She was lonesome as a laurel bloom in spring.
She could run like water, she could blush like wine
But she was hollow as a river cane.
Lord, hollow as a river cane.
I never saw behind her it was rot and splinters
It was mold garbage and decay.
She was as dark as the wrong side of a crescent moon.
With all of the silver on display.
And look at the fool that she made.

Oh, Lilly. Lilly. Lilly. Lilly. Lilly.

So if I was broken now I suppose that I was only ever made out of clay.
So I can return to the ground while you go out and spread your wings.
Or will you just spread your legs?
Oh, will you go flying now out into the night like a screech owl singing, singing, singing.

Lilly (x9)